Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki

Quest List

As of Zoldaad (part 1), there are a total of 98 available quests.

Quest reward priority is relative to the region the quest is available in.

Grandshelt Isles

Origin Name Region pre-requisite Reward Priority
Town of Mitra Succor for Sore Eyes - Hi-Potion
A Hello to Arms - Silk Robe
Bleeder of the Pack - Recipe for Bronze Mace
Secrets Unearthed - Recipe for Blizzard
Feathers in Your Cap Lanzelt Buckler
For My Eyes Only - Recipe for Cure
Royal Capital Grandshelt Pendant Dependent - Access to Vault High
Return Flight - Recipe for Bronze Knuckles
Caught by Supplies - Recipe for Water
There's a Scaaar-maaan... - Unicorn Horn
Road to the Colosseum - Bandana
A Boy and His Slime - Phoenix Down
Ruin Subduin' Lanzelt Jeweled Ring High
The Unlettered Poet - Recipe for Bard's Tunic
Ode to Boy - Harp
Prowl Movements - Recipe for Power Wrist
For Members Only - Altair
Whither Townsman? - Recipe for Smoke Bomb
Port City Lodin A Knight's Duty - Recipe for Copper Cuirass
Demon Tollbooth - Gil1,000
Rime of the Absent Mariner - Hi-Potion & Ether
Fruit...or Death? - Bomb Arm
Muse of the Anvil - Recipe for Great Sword
Hello? Sailor? - Twist Headband
Bombs Away - Silver Armlet
Too Cute to Die - Star Quartz Medium
Courier Career Lanzelt Tent
Ordol Port Pest Control in Hell - Recipe for Grenade


Origin Name Region pre-requisite Reward Priority
Port City Lydira Patron of the Arts - Recipe for Mage's Habit
Memento of My Sister - Star Quartz Medium
The Hungers Game - Earth Key #4 (War Hammer)
Village of Kol Nuts Without My Daughter - Recipe for Healing Spring
Hammer Time - Mythril Dagger
Access to weapon and armor shop
Don't Stop! (Hammer Time) - Recipe for Great Axe
Constant Devotion - Recipe for Water Blade
Catastrophi-Kol - Recipe for Black Belt Gi Medium
Sand Hassle - Recipe for Drain
Grandport Preserving the Peace - Recipe for Rune Staff Medium
Cryst Almighty - Paladin Armor Medium
Lootiful Dreamer - Moon Ring Blade
Ore Inspiring - Recipe for Hypno Crown
Missing on the Mountain - Kiku-ichimonji
Hero Mask Task - Tiger Mask High
Niche Dish Wish - Coral Sword
It's a Dog's Death - Vaccine
Operation Desert Treasure - Earth Key #20 (Charm Bangle) High
Ninja Challenge - Recipe for Ninja Gear
Pillow of Your Dreams - Recipe for Sleep Dagger Medium
Lanzelt Highlands - Exploration The Last Letter - Elixir
Lost Village of Marlo The Wolfsfang Terror - Mirage Vest High
Outside In - Star Quartz Medium
My Shameful Naked Wrist - Recipe for Red Cap
The Icemen Overcometh - Recipe for Kazekiri
Sins of the Past - Recipe for Gaia Gear Medium

Kolobos Isle

Origin Name Region pre-requisite Reward Priority
Ghost Port Kolobos Zombie Repellent - Turbo Ether
Unfinished Business - Elven Bow
Golzas Canyon - Exploration A Thief's Legacy - Earth Key #11 (Quake Ring)
Felicitas Town Double Trouble - Thunder Shield
Thunder Enlightening - Star Quartz
Access to Thunder Summit
A Burden of Beasts - Pinwheel
Paper Chase - Recipe for Fire Rod
Shock Therapy - Recipe for Giant Feather
Location, Location, Location Dirnado Gold Armlet
Charmless Man - Light Curtain
Charm Offensive - Recipe for Barbut
The Key Keeper Caper - Phoenix Down
A Neverending Nightmare - Madhura Harp


Origin Name Region pre-requisite Reward Priority
Industrial City Dilmagia Job Hunting - Star Quartz Medium
To Whom Is This? - Hyper
A Fair Day's Wage - Recipe for Wind Spear
Mind Your Wares - Remedy
Help Wanted - Mythril Helm
Settling the Score - Flame Lance
For Her Special Day - X-Potion
Village of Ambel When the Knight Comes - Recipe for Antarctic Wind
Invasion Afoot! - Mythril Saber
An Animal's Tale - Earth Key #21 (Recipe for Hyper)
Access to Vault (Gale Key)
Town of Kolts M.I.A - Recipe for Main Gauche
Not Your Normal Thief - Holy Crystal
More Important Than Life Itself - Star Quartz Medium
Dwarves' Forge - Exploration Lost in Dedication - Ice Armor
Mobreeze Airship Factory - Exploration To Each His Own - Elixir
Wind Shrine - Exploration Timeless Memories - Recipe for Mythril Shield


Origin Name Region pre-requisite Reward Priority
Aquapolis Olderion Family First - Turbo Ether
Gotta Love the Baby! - Star Quartz Medium
A Legend of Peace - Holy Crystal
Whither Townsman, Again? - Recipe for Light Curtain
What a Man Wants - Gale Key #3 (Recipe for Wyvern Feather)
A Knight of Grandshelt - Patriot
Lake Dorr - Exploration Community Service - Ice Shield
Town of Amore Foe of the Veterans - Phoenix Down
Gift to the God of Water - Elixir
Aqua Supreme - Star Quartz Medium
Boarish Pride - Gale key #4 (Tornado Ring)
Ghost Ship - Exploration Honor to the Deep - Defense Bracer


Origin Name Region pre-requisite Reward Priority
Raven's Hideaway Those Who Can, Do - Phoenix Down
Survey the Shrine - Golden Vest
Scent of a Spy - Elixir
Taking Back the Wastelands - Remedy x3
Surging Volcano - Exploration Providing Provisions - Star Quartz x2 Medium