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Discuss about anything related to the wiki on this talk page.

For feature or content change request, post it on requests page.

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  • Indent your reply with : for easier readability.
  • For specific in-game discussion, use their own talk page instead.


Username Role Other handler Contact preference Notes
Cysidus Founder, Sysop Reddit: Cysidus Reddit
Terra Administrator Reddit: Syndony Reddit Moogle Lover! ♥
GunBlade Administrator Reddit: GunBlade23 Reddit ^He's a Moogle Lover!
Dranmarth Administrator Reddit: Dranmarth Reddit B Sharp
Umuzu Administrator

Unit Rater

  • Meddon
  • Andy
  • Jet Stingren

Special Thanks

  • Members of /r/FFBraveExvius moderator, for their help in data mining game info and moderating the community:
    • Nazta
    • Dan_Ugore
  • Members of editor group, an elevated group rights for people who have contributed above and beyond:
    • Chippou
    • Dmatter
    • Abelitro
    • Oppaichan


Editing Policy

  • Be civil. No inappropriate behavior such as vulgar language, vandalism, and edit wars are allowed.
  • Edit from a neutral point of view backed with facts. Exception when appropriate, such as guides, rating, and discussion.
  • Macro may be mentioned, but not discussed in-depth. Hacking or modding is strictly forbidden.
  • You are allowed to edit your own user page within limit. User talk page is for other user to communicate with you.
  • No personal image or file upload.
  • Your edit might be changed/moved/removed without notice.

Editing Guide

Common mistakes

  • Adding double spaces or line spaces
  • Changing ability effect/description, see Mass-replace section below
  • Changing the unit race to their native game race instead of Brave Exvius' in-game race
  • Wrong value for learned abilities minimum rarity. Minimum rarity means the ability can be learned at higher rarity
  • Wrong enemy's ability damage type (physical/magical). Elemental damage might not be magical. Their visual can be highly misleading
  • Wrong proc information due to Arena / Colosseum random number generator's seed bug


  • When posting a discussion, sign your post with --~~~~ or click the signature button.
  • Indent your reply with : for easier readability.


Manually editing any type of content with multiple occurrences should be avoided. This includes ability short description. Instead you should request it on requests page. Once it's approved an admin can mass-replace them.

Adding a new type of content

If you are adding something that is not covered anywhere else, make sure that it follows these guidelines:

  • Useful - Majority of the people will benefit from the information
  • Consistent - The look and feel conform to the rest of the site
  • Scalable - Little to no edit required after the game content updates
  • Simple - Very easy to follow and does not cause information chaos

Content Update

Every time the game updates, a chain of update have to be added to reflect the updated content.

New Unit

  • Add unit page
  • Add ability pages
  • Add a new page for their trust master reward
  • Update Unit List
  • Update Template:Sprite
  • Update Template:Unit Navbox
  • Update the unit's trust master reward on relevant item category page
  • Update the unit's learned abilities on existing ability pages
  • Update the unit's awakening materials on existing item pages
  • Update the unit's equippable weapons on Category:Weapons subcategories
  • Update the unit's equippable armors on Category:Armors subcategories
  • Rate the unit on Unit Rankings
  • Rate the trust master reward on Trust Master Reward

File upload

  • For easy uploading, click on the green arrow button on the toolbox
  • Naming usually starts with category-name.format, e.g. Treasure Map-Earth Shrine.png, exception listed below
File Naming Usage example
Ability (Exception)
[[File:Ability_77.png|HP +10%|link=HP +10%]]
Item Icon-name.png {{Item|Potion|1}} (For a very small icon, usually in crafting list)
Unit Unit-name-rarity.png {{Sprite|Rain}}